Thermic Fluid Oil


Hitech Thermi Food 57 is widely used thermi fluid in food industry. Sulphur free hydrocarbon chain insures safety in incidental food contact.

Product Information:

  • Food Grade: NSF, USA Certified
  • Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid
  • Appearance: Colour Less
  • Kinetic Viscosity @40*C: 27CST
  • Flash Point: 220*C / 448*F (ASTM D-92)
  • Max Bulk Temperature: 320*C/ 608*F
  • Pour point: -15*C/5*F
  • Boiling point: 355*C /671*F
  • Max Film Temperature: 345*C / 653*F

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    Hitech Clean 205 & 206 is one of the most efficient cleaning chemicals for cleaning Thermo pack (thermic boilers) system that provides high efficiency, effective costs, safety to the devices and clean environment

    Product Information:

  • Composition: Mixture of Chemicals (Dispersent Agent)
  • Appearance: Dark Brown Color Powder & Crystal
  • Solubility: 100 % Soluble in water
  • Self Life: 5 years in Air Tight Bag, 12 hrs in diluted water, 24 hrs in open bag

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    Hitech Therm 66 is most widely used Ultra-High temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, Hitech Therm 66 is thermally stable up to 345*C and film temperature up to 385*C with nitrogen blanketing.

    Product Information:

  • Composition: - Hydrogenated Terphenyl
  • Appearance: - Light Yellow Liquid
  • Kinetic Viscosity @40*C: - 29.8MM2 /S
  • Flash Point: - 181*C
  • Max Bulk Temperature: - 345*C
  • Total Acid No. : - 0.01 MGKOH/G
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:-

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    Hitech Therm 60 is silicon green thermi fluid oil used to transfer heat from thermi fluid heater to process.

    Product Information:

  • Composition: Mixture of Synthetic Fluid
  • Appearance: Silicon Green Liquid
  • Kinetic viscosity @40*C: 20CST
  • Flash point: 205*C / 401*F (ASTM D-92)
  • Max bulk Temperature: 320*C/608*F
  • Pour point: -40*C/ -40*F
  • Boiling point: 361*C/ 682*F
  • Total Acid No. : 0.01 MGKOH/G
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 0.00096/*C

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